Fiona Ross

Award Winning Vocalist, Pianist, Composer, Producer and Journalist

Technical virtuosity and that raw emotional drive, of an artist at the height of her gameJazz Quarterly
Fierce and Non-Compliant, and honest and true and oh so very talentedMaxine Gordon
Fiona Ross knows how to make an albumJazz Views
Her talents are simply extraordinaryKind Of Jazz

Thoughts, Conversations and To Do Lists

Fiona Ross - Thoughts, Conversations and To Do Lists

Thoughts, Conversations and To Do Lists

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All songs written, arranged and produced by Fiona Ross
Fiona Ross (Vocals and Piano)
Guitar: Gibbi Bettini
Bass: Derek Daley
Drums: Marley Drummond
Saxophones and Flute: Loren Hignell
Trumpets: Dave Boa
Backing vocals: Ashaine White
Percussion: Warren Woodcraft
Guest appearance on 'Push Me Around in a Pushchair': Nancy Richardson
Recorded at Studio XYZ by Gibbi Bettini
Mixed at Highfield Studio by Elliot Richardson and Warren Woodcraft
Mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering
Front Cover photo by Monika S Jakubowska taken at Jazz Cafe Posk, London
Art work by Chris Cunningham
Photos by Ron Milsom
Liner notes by Jordannah Elizabeth


  1. When Will You Leave My Mind
  2. I Want To Know More
  3. The Small Things
  4. When you Walked In The Room
  5. A Single Source of Truth
  6. Push Me Around In A Pushchair
  7. Looking At My To Do List
  8. The Best Version Of Me
  9. The Trumpet Man
  10. Look What You've Become
  11. Always There For Me
  12. Positive Things
  13. The Don't Stop Just Breathe Ragtime
  14. #ThursdayThoughts

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